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Whole Arted Studio Creative Play Creature Craft Bags

When you and your little ones decide to get crafting or any kind of creative activity, it may be hard to find all the supplies you need.  Maybe you look around the house and realize you don’t have all the tools or maybe you just get in an art rut and crayons are the limit, hopefully not on the wall!

Thankfully Whole Arted Studio understands! We’ve created these craft bags that have ALL the tools and supplies you need to complete each of the 3 crafts in the bag. (except for the hand washing which I am sure you have under control at this point!)

Also the bag is the perfect thing to keep crafty things out of reach of little hands!

$15 gets you 3 crafts and a handmade canvas tote. 

Please check out this blog on how we are partnering with a local Foster care ministry to spread the love of art in foster and adoptive families.

click this link to donate a Creature Art Bag and get one for yourself!

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