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Whole Arted partners with Love Mercy Ministry to give kids a heart for art!

Whole Arted Studio now offers a way to pay it forward!

We understand in this season of life, those lucky enough to still have work and security want to share their blessings with others!

The studio is partnering with one of our favorite organizations to do just that. Love Mercy Ministries is a local organization that provides for the needs of families with foster children. Whether it's clothes, diapers, car seats, bottles or more! While these are necessary items, we want to make sure foster families and their kids still get to have a little artistic fun!

Whole Arted will have a section on our website where you can purchase art bags and in the future sponsor art camp or even sponsor a foster parent to paint at a paint party! 

For now we would love for you to learn more about Love Mercy, here at their Facebook page and click this link to donate a Creature Art Bag and get one for yourself!

We hope you enjoy!

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