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Lend Creativity a Helping Hand!

Choose one of our four art camps throughout the summer to give your artist an outlet to grow, create, and express their creative energy!

Illustrator Art Camp 

   June 24-27  1:30pm -4pm

Start summer learning how to world-build with art; how to develop characters from cartoon styles to the fairy tale character world. Recommended ages 9-15years old. ($95/artist)

Mixed Media Art Camp 

   June 24-27  9:30am-12pm

   July 22-25   9:30am-12pm

Chose the best time for your family to explore a variety of art mediums and techniques to give your growing artist a well rounded experience using different tools and styles of the art world. Recommended ages 6-12years old. ($95/artist)

Acrylic Painting Camp 

   July 22-25   1:30pm -4pm

Fight the summer blues by learning the basics of acrylic painting and become introduced to new styles and techniques as each artist sharpens their painting skills. Recommended ages 6-12years old. ($95/artist)

Print Making Art Camp

   August 5-7  9:30am-12pm 

Wrap up summer with a fun and easy art medium. Repetition and easy design combined with an element of sculpting and carving open a world of opportunity! Recommended ages 8-15years old. ($75/artist)

Each camp is held at Crooked Creek part. Registration includes all art supplies but every artist is encouraged to bring a water bottle and a snack each day. Sign up at

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