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A wedding a garden and a whole lot of work!

Spring burst to life in the garden this February with tulips and daffodils smiling up at the sun! Which was perfect as I was completing my spring series inspired by my garden last year! Gardening has always been a small hobby of mine but it has slowly grown into a passion very nearly overtaking my love of painting. I have found my love of art flows right out of my studio doors and into the garden seamlessly. So many colors and textures to arrange and all the fascinating bugs and birds that stop by to visit or eat what I'm working on. And I love that feeling of knowing these plants want to succeed as much as I want them to. I am inspired for how God's creation naturally pursues it's full potential.

Speaking of full potential, this spring also produced a big baby shower for my dear sister and her baby girl (born in May)! The studio really bloomed into a gorgeous brunch event, all credit to another sister for that!

The shower went well and kickstarted what turned out to be a busy season of meeting many new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones!

I am thankful for all the private parties that have come; birthday party celebrations for young ladies and a young of heart lady turning 50! I always get a sense of accomplishment that I get to help someone create fond memories with their favorite people.

Being able to to participate in preservation of fond memories has been a big part of my

body of work. I have captured memories of loved ones that have passed on, to paintings of once in a lifetime travel destinations and all the milestones in between. I recently got to be a part of memory preservation in a new way (for me) when some long time friends asked me to come and preserve the biggest moment of a lifetime... live wedding painting.

I had such a great time, and felt challenged to get work done with somewhat of an audience but it felt really good to try and problem solve in the moment! Im looking forward to delivering it in person when I've added the final touches! But that will be the only live painting I plan to do!

I hope your Spring ended with as much joy as ours did! The summer is already full as I prepare for Summer Camps at Crooked Creek Park and taking on new adventures within our own family. If you have memories to capture or parties to plan, may the Studio's blooms be your backdrop!

Check out the calendar and bookings page for your private paint party and for summer art camps for kids.

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