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Holidays with the Park and Early Christmas Shopping

WOW! This summer flew by with a thousand activities, projects and successes! We made it through two additional art camps this year and saw almost 100 bright artists building their creativity!! I am so thankful for the help from my friends and family to see all of that accomplished! Sadly, my garden suffered pretty heavily but nothing that a little time and a little tending couldn't spring back!

I wanted to go ahead and quickly share some great art opportunities I have coming up as I would love to see you participate! These days I don't spend a lot of energy on social media, while that may hurt my business presence, it doesn't hurt my peace of mind and that's a fair trade!

WholeArted Studio is continuing to partner with Crooked Creek Park in hosting two holiday painting classes; October 14th, we will spend the afternoon painting a fall pumpkin picture, and December 9th, we will capture that old time' feeling of how the holidays make us reflect on what really matters.

Each class will take about 2 hours and is open to everyone 9 and older. This is a great way to add some holiday spirit to your home and spend time with a loved one while you paint! You can sign up through the Parks registration link or call them at 803-345-6181. Each class lasts from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Mark those dates Saturdays October 14th and December 9th on your calendars and reserve your spot! Its only $20 per artist for an 11x14 pre-sketched painting! That means any one can do it!

You may also have an incredible gift in mind for the upcoming holidays - so reach out to me about any portraits or commissions before Thanksgiving or I may not get them done in time. Favorite grandkids (Wink, Wink!) or favorite 4 legged friends are common go-tos. Other ideas may involve capturing memories of adventures shared with loved ones or even dreams of future adventures! Reach out and I will walk you through the process so we can get the best picture for you!

I hope you experience the Lord's blessing in your life and I am excited to see your creativity flourish!


WholeArted Studio

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