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WholeARTed Studio is growing!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This dream has been incredible...and it is still moving forward! I am so excited about all the experiences we have had so far in this journey. From our first paint party to seeing moms and their toddlers have a blast and our students in Art Club grow in their skill and love of art, there have been so many good things!!

March 7th paint party

april date to be announced

I want to share another great experience for you as Whole Arted Studio welcomes, Alli Pitre as one of our Art teachers. Alli will specialize in Adult Paint Parites and Kid Birthday Parties. Alli is currently working as a local elementary art teacher and she knows her stuff!!

She already has a few events posted online, so go ahead and sign up here!

Remember to book early for a birthday party and you can discuss with us on what picture works best for you child!

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