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Whole Arted Student Gallery

Featuring EJ: From basics to building his own style.

"Art helps me to relax!"

EJ started with me this spring, so what he has accomplished in a short amount of time has been impressive! We started with the basics of mixing colors. After that we explored how value in color can show perspective. He has a big imagination and no inhibition when it comes to focusing on a subject matter he finds interesting.

"I like learning about mixing colors and mixed mediums."

EJ is definitely a natural when it comes to creating and interesting composition. He likes to work fast and with bright colors, which resulted in most of his artwork giving off a feeling of exuberant energy. His city on that water collage is one of my favorites because of some of the unexpected colors and placement of shapes. His Iron Man collage is also impressive! EJ took his most time on deciding how to finish it. His choice of bold yellow, green and red certainly create a super hero level strength.

EJ is going places and I'm thankful to be included in his artistic foundation!

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