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Whole Arted Student Gallery

Updated: May 21, 2019

Featuring Dasha : Diversifying her use of value and mediums this year.

"The two years I have been with Mrs. Mercy I think I have grown so much..."

Dasha is a funny and engaging student to teach, she is always full of passion and compassion! When she started out she was frozen often with perfection and frustrated with not knowing which next steps to take when completing her artwork. Seeking perfection can often be a creativity killer, so Dasha has learned to step back and re-evaluate her end goal for each piece she is working on. The first half of our tutoring year we spent focusing on the print making process. Dasha is very drawn to high contrast and simple compositions so print making was a great way to explore the creative process.

"...She's taught me value scales, different art styles that I like, My art style that I like, print, and more."

"Popsicle Feelings" 5x7 black ink, Rubber Stamp carving on paper

"George 1" Black Ink Screen Print on Paper

"George 2" Blue Ink Screen Print on Paper

8"x4" Gel Plate Print and Oil Pastel on Card Stock

8"x4" Gel Plate Print and Oil Pastel on Card Stock

After we explored how creating quality artwork begins first with a quality idea and then quality preparation, we moved back to working with other mediums in the spring.

Dasha has really loosened up her ideas on ideal and really pushed open the box for what she looks to accomplish now!

"Get it Together" 9"x14" Mixed Media on mixed Media Paper

"Strawberry Bunch" 8"x10" Acrylic on Cardboard

"Primary Trees" 9'x10" Acrylic on Cardboard

"Apple Study" 8"x7" Pencil and Acrylic on Cardboard

"Avocado a Fruit?" 10"x10" Acrylic on Cardboard

Self portrait 8"x10" Graphite Sketch on Paper

"Peach Blossom" 9"x11" Acrylic on Cardboard

"I enjoy learning and I am especially grateful to be learning more about expressing myself in art!"

I am incredibly proud of Dasha and the way she has set aside perfect for genuine. I know she will be successful in whatever she puts her big heart to!

"Teal Cat Dreams" 12"x14" Acrylic on Canvas Board

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