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Whole Arted Creature Craft Bag DIY Instructions

Creature Craft Art Bag DIY Instructions 

If you are reading this it probably means you and your child are ready to  get started on one of the crafts from your craft bag!

If you don’t have a craft bag and you find yourself reading this no worries here are the supplies you will need to complete the 3 crafts shown.


3 bird shaped pieces of paper

1 piece of paper/card stock

3 clothes pins

7 wiggly eyes

Primary paint colors (red, blue, yellow and white)

Paint brush

Black Sharpie

Glue stick


2 Thin 4x6 cleaning sponge ( you can substitute card stock if you didn't purchase a craft bag)

The birds trio:

Step 1- Lay out your paint, clothes pins, paper bird cut outs, paint brush, wiggly eyes and glue stick.

Step 2- Paint the three bird cut outs each one a different solid color. Let dry.

Step 3-  Use your glue stick to glue on a set of wiggly eyes to each bird.

Step 4-  And paint designs with another color to your bird. Let dry.

Step 5- Use you glue stick and add generous amount of glue to one flat side of your three clothes pins. Gently stick the bottom of your bird to the glue with the face pointing towards the clip side of the clothespin.

Let dry.

 Step 6- Clip your colorful birdies anywhere you’ll be sure to enjoy their bright flight!

Fishy finger paint craft:

Step 1- Lay out your supplies:  piece of white cardstock/paper, paint, paint brush, 1 wiggly eyes and 1 sharpie. You may also want some wipes to clean your hand in between hand prints or you can just wash up when you are done.

Step 2- Paint your child’s whole hand yellow. Press their hand with fingers touching side to side evenly in the center of the paper. Clean the paint residual off their hand.

Step 3- Using the same hand, paint alternating colors on your child’s fingers and even a design on their palm. Quickly with fingers lining up with the first hand outline, press their hand down.

Step 4- With a yellow paint finger add two finger prints to make fish lips. Let your paint dry.

Step 5- Glue on your wiggly eye, and add an outline and details on your fish!

Step 6- Use the paint to add extra underwater features. Like waves or bubbles, maybe even kelp or a treasure box!

Woodland creature mask:

Step 1- Set out all the supplies you need: glue stick, mask cut out, mask accessories (ears and nose shapes), paint, paint brush, twine(x2) and sharpie.

Step 2- Design your animal. Ears on top or on the side. Nose pointy side up or down. Maybe you want an owl! Be creative. Glue your part onto your mask.

Step 3- Paint your animal! Don't be afraid to mix colors and try out something new. Stripes, dots, zigzags and blobs are all acceptable art additions. Let dry.

Step 4- Add details with your sharpie; whiskers or hair, maybe some nostrils and eyelashes would be fun! Tie the two pieces of twine through the little holes on the side.

Step 5- Enjoy surprising your family with your fun animal mask!

We hope you enjoy!!

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