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Spring Planning

I don't know if you know this... but we have a garden. Right outside of the studio's French doors sits the corner of the garden where I hope our sweet peas will soon be spreading up the fence and I just took a harvest of Brussel sprouts to rinse for dinner!

Gardens are so interesting because they are alive, moving and growing; dying to set something else thriving. It is going to take some time for me to get it all like I imagine but that's okay for me- I like works in progress as long as I can enjoy it along the way.

That's what I have loved about this year so far. My public paint parties have been hit by cold nights but we are getting things moving again. At the same time our Toddler Craft has been a huge success; starting off with a full class and parking! As a mom of 4 I love to see all the little ones being creative, I love to see kids go trod off in the rain to see the chickens (don't worry moms, we are going to move them closer!) or see the garden! Just wait until the garden is in full bloom! Toddler Craft is from 10-11 every Friday for $2 per child up to 5yrs old.

Art is about exploration of oneself as much as it is about capturing emotion in whatever medium you are in. Thats why I want to share this questionnaire to get your thoughts on hosting Art Club next fall for 3rd through 8th graders CLICK HERE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS FOR ART CLUB I want to offer a time for kids to not lose that creative exploration.

Speaking of which- we have the Marvelous Mare to paint this month in the Public Paint party 3/18 for just $25 per person. My youngest daughter keeps telling me she wants a pony but this picture is all her dad is going to let her get ... for now!

I look forward to painting with you and sharing the growth of the garden!


Whole Arted Studio

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