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New Year. New Studio.

Well friends its been a while, but I'm ready to announce that Whole Arted Studio is officially open for business (again). Wow! The last two years have gone by like a strange alternate reality. But through it all I've been tirelessly working to complete a place to get creative with my local community. I was so proud of my last location in downtown Chapin, off East Boundary St. It was amazing to join with so many people and all the things we painted and created together! But God was truly in control and when He moved my family to a new property... the Lord made it clear this was the right opportunity for Whole Arted too!

Our new property had a fantastic workshop ready for remodeling to be turned into a studio! But you know how moving goes... you never really finish unpacking as quickly as you'd like. Plans for remodeling kept being pushed back and with most contractors booked for months out, my husband and I realized it would be up to us! We absolutely had our work cut out for us. Thankfully we had great help from a few local businesses and the best friends and family.

First we had to decide on materials and budget limitations! And as most of you know the price of lumber got a little intimidating.

There aren't many necessities for an Art Studio. You can get by with simple storage, lighting and water. But we also wanted a bathroom and we are not plumbers! Big shout out to Hollis Plumbing!

As a creative person, I do also enjoy aesthetics and was hoping for a clean but functional work space that could adapt to several uses.

Opening the garage door wasn't the best long term solution for an entrance! So it was decided that my main areas of change would be walls, a new entrance, floors and plumbing. Lighting and a ceiling will come later!

By the summer we were tired of painting and brainstorming and drilling and feeling like we'd never get it done! And as you know its the little things that add up and every trip to Ace and Lowes were building! The kids were troopers. They ate a lot of instant meals, microwaveable snacks and destroyed the house in the process, bless 'em. After we completed the inside we added a deck for the French door entrance and for extended party space in nice weather. This project was gestating for 9 months before we were finished. But we are soo Happy!

It was every bit a Labor of love! I am very proud to invite y'all to come and check out the space for yourself. We have already hosted a few private parties (painting and just as a rental space). I can't wait for YOU to enjoy painting here and celebrating fellowship and art!

The Dream Continues!! Thank you for your support-


Whole Arted Studio

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