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Getting Table Rock to the Gallery

August 2020, we all felt the sprint turning into a marathon when it came to the pandemic. Here in the hot summers of South Carolina, seeking a cool outdoor place to stretch and remember what its like to be inspired by nature was a must. I packed the kids up with all the snacks and supplies for a day adventure to the mountains.

Table Rock State Park is one of our favorite summer excursions! It has all the fun things a summers day could hope for like ice cold waterfalls and snaking creeks, hiking adventure and wildlife discoveries. and a sandy beach along a small lake for swimming after a tiring climb.

This trip I decided I would plan to find painting worthy scenes brilliant in the summer flush of color and sparkling with the filtered light from the emerald canopy.

As we trail blazed along there were lots of snapshots that caught my eye.

Due to the rush of fall obligations, it took me a few weeks to find time to sit down and really curate the the choices I took. Finally, after cropping and editing till I was set on the compositions that motivated me, I had a triumphant dozen to bring to life! But it was already December when I finally began the painting prep.

I first began with several studies, or practice paintings on a small scale to make sure my eye and brush are capturing everything I was hoping for.

As I worked through the creative process I found that while I don't usually lean towards using much orange, I loved the look of the red clay next to the cool colors from shadows and vegetation. I made sure to carry that like a thread through all the paintings in the series.

It took a couple of months of painting, but I am glad to say the Table Rock series is finally up at Palmetto Fine Arts in Chapin SC! Please stop by and see them in person, and if you've traveled some place that you love and would like to have you own series painted I would love to partner with you! It really is a great way to add style and personalization to any space.

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