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Gel Press Printing Night

I know most of you have not heard of this, but believe me, its really engaging and entertaining process you don't want to miss!

magazine negative pull on teal with gray and black, acrylic on paper.
Gel Press Print made by art student Alice.

Its really fascinating that something so simple as squishing paint between paper and silicone can be so rewarding but its undeniable!

When most people I know encounter the Gel press process for the first time they always have a tiny moment of surprise, they made artwork in one minute! I hear how much fun and gratification they had, and I have seen first hand with some of my more anxious art student how it relaxes their nerves and brings a smile on their face!

I wanted to put this out there bc the second friday of every month I'll be hosting an evening for y'all in the community to come out and experience this first hand! Not only can you frame the pieces you make on the press but you can cut and glue them to make custom cards, you can use them to journal or make wrapping paper!

Gel Press art made by art student Laura

This month is the intro , but the next few months we will explore the different crafting options this art form can bring your way!

See you all soon, be sure to book your spot ASAP so I can prep you supplies!

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