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Almost done!

Its official!! Whole Arted Studio will open September 3rd, but we still have a few more things to finish before that day comes!

I'm feeling so overwhelmingly blessed about my dream coming true. But I won't lie, I'm wiped! The timing has me feeling a little frazzled, so if I flaked out on any of you this month and haven't gotten back to you, I am so sorry!

Summer time parenting and starting a business is not really compatible, at least it's a balance I am learning the hard way. My children have been real team players and I'm thankful for all their rambunctious, independent, and fun loving attitudes. Even still, I am not good at multitasking so the last two weeks have probably been more boring than they would have liked.

But I like to think every little bit I put into mothering or business owning helps for the next time I need to put a little bit more in than the last time. As I get closer to opening the studio I can't help but reflect on the love and support so many of you have given to me and my family. Your love, encouragement and belief in my vision has given

me the little edge I needed to get up and keep fighting for more than my circumstances seemed to dictate. More than that though, the Lord's faithfulness to His promises have been ever before me and my family.

This is His studio more than mine, evidenced by the fact that on signing the paperwork for the Lease the owners mentioned the building had been dedicated to the Lord when it was built. Amen! I am expectantly waiting to see the ways our Heavenly Father uses this space to show His love to even more than myself!

I can't wait for you to see the Studio and celebrate with me!

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