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Featuring Laura: Finding her unique creative process in different mediums.

When Laura first approached me about teaching her, she was already very familiar with acrylic painting. I was very happy to work with her, especially because she had the beginning of a good foundation already. We had a great time problem solving and strategizing through how to accomplish each work of art she set out to complete.

"I have grown through the process of how get from the beginning to the finish piece. Before i never thought much about process."

Her goal was to grow in her ability to properly shade and add color value effectively while painting. My thought was to practice those two things using different mediums with various subjects. We used still life to explore how color value and shadows elevate the simplest of subjects.

acrylic fruit still life

8x10 acrylic "rose vase on white"

"I also learned to draw people and faces. Never in a million years would i have attempted that on my own..."

I also wanted to stretch her comfort zone in subject matter outside of traditional landscape painting. so we began with isolating the shapes of faces and bodies to begin learning how to draw people. She really impressed me with how diligently she practiced between lessons!

face shapes study in graphite on paper

11x14 color pencil on paper "Jaqueline"

One thing that stood out to me about Laura's talent was her patience, she always takes her time and isn't trying to speed through each step. This is a great skill and hard to learn in art setting. Which always resulted in lovely thoughtful landscapes. One of my favorites is "Purple Dawn".

5x7 acrylic on mixed media paper "light house blues"

11x14 watercolor on watercolor paper "the mountain view"

9x12 acrylic on canvas board "Purple Dawn"

"I also learned how to use different mediums like watercolor and gel press."

Laura really excelled in collaging and always instinctively made great color choices when practicing on the Gel Press.

5x7 gel plate print "teal peel"

11x14 clog on mixed media paper "hibiscus beauty"

"I started to improve my work as an artist and i've learned so much."

I'm incredibly proud and humble that she asked me to teach her and I'm so excited about how well she has used all the tips I have given her! If you see any pieces that you love please make her an offer all her work is for sale!

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