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Whole Arted Student Gallery

Featuring Alice A. : Working on unlocking her true artistic potential!

" As I went through this semester, I think that I grew in my art technique. I can now use my creative imagination and let it run loose..."

Alice started with the basics this year, not having much experience with many mediums outside of pencil and acrylic. I had her begin by learning color mixing and achieving perspective with value and shape!

Most importantly she is learning how to take her big colorful imagination into a step by step process. This has enabled her to focus in on certain ideas, techniques, or subjects she'd like to explore more specifically.

"As I grew Mrs. Mercy showed me my true potential and helped me figure out what type of art that I love most! That art technique is Gel plate printing. I love the way I can put my design in it and decorate the way I want as I go."

8"x10" Gel Plate print by: Alice A.

8"x10" acrylic gel plate print by: Alice A.

Gel plate printing is a fun process that every beginner and professional artist can enjoy. Printmaking is a perfect way to experiment with color and shape combinations. Alice excelled at building a striking and quick composition with her work in this medium.

Alice also spent a good part of the year working on acrylic painting. She completed several styles like Abstract, Surrealism and Impressionism to name a few. One of my favorite pieces is her mountain landscape done with mixed media collaging!

9"x12" Abstract acrylic on canvas board by: Alice A.

9"x12" acrylic on cardboard perspective practice by:Alice A. "Alien Small Town Sunset"

9"x12" Acrylic on canvas by: Alice A. "Unicorn Prairie"

9"x12" acrylic on canvas board by: Alice A.

5"x8" mixed media by: Alice A. "Mr. Rooster"

8"x8" color pencil on paper by:Alice A. "Monkey Orchid"

I am very proud of the hard work Alice has put into growing in her ability. I am looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow and practice in the areas of art that she is inspired by!

"So thank you for unlocking my true potential" -Alice A.

12"x13" mixed media landscape collage by: Alice A.

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