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The Dream. The Vision. The Plan.

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Is it possible to have an idea become a real place?

Yes! Or so I'm told, but as much as I believe in my dream, I need you to believe in it too!

Ok so let me first start with what my dream is then I hope you will feel led to partner with me!

Back in 2013, my family moved to Chapin SC for a calling in church ministry. It was exciting to see how Jesus might use us to share His love and hope with others. I had just finished a freelance illustrating project and was looking forward to just being a mom and wife for a while. However, anytime I drove around town, going about weekly chores, I couldn't help thinking about having an actual art studio. A place for me to be completely immersed in paint and whim where I could invite others to enjoy painting with me. It was a fun thought, with an occasional internet search into property and pinterest pin boards. But the dream was building and God was revealing it to me little by little.

Fast forward to 2015, my very talented sister moved into the same town. She is a very accomplished painter as well, so it was pretty natural that a collaboration came about! This was the birth of Whole Arted studio. We were in the beginning stages of buying furniture for a building we had a rental contract written up for when our plans were road blocked. The owner changed his mind and leased the space out to one of his relatives. We were super bummed to say the least! It just wasn't what the Lord had planned for us at the time. Even with that set back we still managed to book our first art camp for kids at the local recreational center.

Fast forward again to January of 2017, my sister ended up moving to Texas, and Whole Arted became a one woman show!

With her moving away I was almost settled on absolving the LLC and moving on from an art career for myself. However many drastic changes happened! The biggest one was when Whole Arted became the sole source of income for my growing family, which pushed me to a new level of completing art and teaching art. That pressure and demand grew me so much and God used the moments in that season to reveal this dream He has put into my heart. Since then the desire to open my own space has evolved from art studio to a public art space. Still it was more thought than real goal until I attended a retreat with well crafted retreats and the leaders asked some hard questions about why we don't pursue the goals the Lord puts in our hearts. I was really inspired to stop just day dreaming about opening a studio/shop and start putting in the work to see it happen. What is my actual vision? what will it take to make it happen?

My Vision

The vision for the Whole Arted Studio shop will be to create a space that offers a place for people to come in and explore their creative side by offering rental supply boxes in the shop with different art mediums to try out. Every creative person knows purchasing and storing art supplies can be a hassle! With my shop you can get your painting fix without the cost and inconvenience of stocking and organizing a craft closet that gets unused. The adult art boxes will provide access to artist quality supplies and techniques. Each box will have a little "how to use" booklet with a step by step project to use based on skill level. The kid boxes will have easy to use supplies. What a benefit for your child to make something beautiful to hang up on your walls without the supplies also going on your walls or floors and everything else!

Adult 14x18 acrylic canvas box retail cost $87.40. The in store use $10.50.

Moving Whole Arted Studio to a brick and mortar shop is both exciting and scary but I've recruited help in my talented friend Crystal Ray.

She will be joining me to help with my administrative needs and be my gps when I get distracted (what can I say I have artist brain!).

The Whole Arted shop will also be a space for group paint parties, for birthday parties, and for baby and mom crafts throughout the week. A place for the young and old to find peace and relaxation painting, collaging, journaling, print making, watercoloring and drawing. You'll be able to come for workshop days where you can learn new techniques and skills like gel plate prints, loom weaving, calligraphy, oil painting, flower arranging and many more skills. There will be after school art tutoring and summer art camps available to the aspiring and budding artists. All of this while providing a safe and fun way for every person to grow in their artistic abilities!

The Plan

top:back to front of the store view. bottom: front to back of the store view.

To get the Whole Arted shop open, I need to raise capital. This is where your help is so important! You can help in three ways;

Word of mouth: Commit to share my blog and kickstarter with friends and family.

Financially: Donate to the kickstarter and receive your own Thank you's like free art box use passes and original art prints!

Volunteer: Give your time to pray for Whole Arted Studio, and stop by the shop to help set up or paint walls and clean supplies.

We are planning to launch the kickstarter campaign in September to raise funds for all the extra expenses needed to open up a beautiful functional and inviting space. We hope to raise $15,000 to help cover the administrative cost of rent/utilities and furniture.

I really believe this shop will add so much to the community of Chapin, Irmo and Newberry through art appreciation and awareness! We will always strive to have materials and learning accessible to families and individuals that don't have large incomes. Our desire is to have a safe and friendly environment for each individual to experience acceptance and encouragement in the exploration of their creativity.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this! I'd love to hear from you too! So be sure to like my Facebook page or Instagram, and keep a look out for updates as they come!

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So excited for you! This is gonna be great!

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