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It Just Got Real.

This week after much prayer and answer to prayer I signed a lease for my first Chapin art studio!

Whole Arted Studio now has a location! This is both very exciting and scary, but I love all of my clients and students and I know this is going to be a big benefit to all of us!

Way back in the early spring when I began seriously looking for a home for the studio, James (husband and Excel spreadsheet extrodinare), suggested a building back on the opposite side of Boundary Street and my response was simply "Meh". I already had my hope set on a few spots I thought could meet my needs better.

I had a long list with things like a handicap accessible bathroom, big open room for parties, storage room for supplies, and area to set up a counter. I wanted it in town with nice lighting and it definitely needed to come with a reasonable price and lease agreement. Honestly I may have added more to the list just so it was impossible to find and I would always have an excuse for why I haven't opened my shop. Change isn't really my thing.

However James kept suggesting this one spot, off East Boundary Street right down from Mt. Horeb Lutheran whenever I hit a road block somewhere else. Finally I gave in and we went for a showing.

After walking out of the building and getting in the car I had to bite my tongue... this place was like an answer to my prayers and my creative spirit. It met all of the real needs on my list. And yes... James got a lovely few minutes of "I told you so's".

We worked on a budget, we worked on a calendar, we worked on organizing our closets at home (which isn't super relevant, but getting rid of junk can help you accomplish anything), and we gave all that over to the Lord.

Now here we are keys in hand and lots of "what if's" circling like giant gnats! But I am so incredibly thankful to be able to give this dream a shot.

In the next few weeks I will be updating you on what the store schedule will be, and when you can start signing up for private parties! We already have other artists signing up for Workshop Wednesday's so the creative experiences can be so much wider than just my own.

Here is a list of services we are preparing to offer this fall:

-Homeschool art classes

-After school group tutoring

-Craft workshops

-Family craft nights

-Birthday parties

-Toddler and mom art time

-Open studio art box times

Things will be coming fast so message me if any of these are something you want to sign up for and please help by sharing this dream of mine with others... Its gonna take a lot of work but I am so happy this dream is starting to come true!

Also coming soon will be online payment and registration options so I can better serve you!

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